There comes moments in life when a bit does a trick and changed the whole scenario. This bit is actually the life changer that let the heart blossom, faces shine and sheds the darkness to unending light. This bit actually works as a ray of hope that let beep of life strike chords on souls.

The bit may be a smallest of deed or a slightest of thought that results in shattering the toughest of rocks. When one gets dry from the same dusk and dawns then a little effort to fill color in life is a bit, when understanding of paths and routes went wrong then finding a new way to get a shiny day is a bit, when odds impede and brings in relations impeach then a trivial of push is called a bit, when clouds get thick and sight turns blind then the smooth fresh air that sheds despair is known as a bit.

A bit works big so the need of the hour is to have a share of bit from every being in the world. This cumulative share of positive Bits will help in changing the fate of not only one person or community rather the nations around the world. It has the power to bring in the most desired change and has the ability to dwell in the extreme of pain.

So “one should not wait for the good to happen rather do good of Bit to make it happen”  


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