This world is full of Jokers these days. The guys with funny face and big smile. They are the ones who always been treated as a joke. People saw them enjoy their presence for a while and move ahead. Nobody bothers to know what the actual being is. That’s the dilemma, a question which is transforming a human into a joker. The pain, injustice and unending struggle of survival had stressed out humanity so much that they just think themselves as a joker who has not been taken seriously by the elites. At first they pretend to smile that all is ok, bear the heat but kept it inside that one day all gona be good. Later they started giggling and thinking that life is coming very hard on them. At this stage they their eyes started getting wet but they manage to hide emotions. Time passed and situations when get out of control they started laughing and their tears started coming out of their eyes more frequently but unfortunately no one cares and that’s the point when they lose it and world stopped enjoying their laughs rather question them “ What so Funny”. This question triggers them and transform them in to a joker who become insensitive and took law in hand. He started believing that there is no right and wrong rather whatever you do is right. So He laugh loud and do what he wants to do.

The question to be answered by all is why we are doing this? For how long we will do this? And how many more jokers this world gona face? This needs to end otherwise every second man will soon laugh loud and put others to rest. The solution is being human. We all should start treating others with respect to have respect.

“It’s time to put the class and cast behind, Let justice and equality prevail and make Joker laughs divine”

Disclaimer : inspired from movie Joker.


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