Right from the start of universe to the end of it there is a reason behind, A reason of creation, a reason of succession and a reason of destruction. Every act of being is dependent upon reason. No task is being performed without a reason, no life is being lived without a reason, no dream is being achieved without a reason. Reason is required for all. Without a reason everything is useless whether life or anything else.

Reason is the motive, inspiration and driving force which urge one to do something. The importance of reason can never be neglected rather should kept in mind with high importance all the time. Reason gives direction to stay online and focused.

Reason not only related to beings rather things as well, as bulb in a room is for a reason, a door at the entrance is for a reason, a lock, stock, dock, clock, boat, port, pen, table everything everywhere is for a reason. That’s the power and importance of a reason.

Those who live life for a reason will achieve reason to live life but reason needs to be positive to stay positive, as right direction takes us to right destination similarly positive reason takes us to positive outcome. Outcome is dependent upon reason but required is to have the reason well aligned with positiveness so as to achieve and prevail positivity all around.

Remember: “Reason itself is a reason to live”       



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