Today in this civilized world every human being is a slave. A slave to religion, a slave to cast, a slave to traditions, a slave to relations and emotions and a slave to materialistic needs. Today humanity is the civilized shape of slavery.

Everyone today very proudly say that we are free but in reality if one thinks or study his or her life will come to know that every bit of life is a slave to something. Our every act is interdependent. When one study actually studies for the fulfillment of dreams which are either based on family norms or on status quo. When one strive for job, actually strived for financial uplift, when one love actually loved for fulfilling his or her short or long term goals, When one sleep actually sleeps for the contentment and rest, when one walk , walk for reaching the desired location, when eats, eat for the satisfaction of appetite. Therefore, every act is bound to something or we can say that every act is a slave to conditions, desires, needs and wants.

We all are slaves to ourselves. Our desire never ended so do the slavery. With every passing minute we are dreaming for new horizons, new heights and new ways to build lives. This dreaming not leads us to well-being rather enforcing us to life long slavery. The must asked questions for everyone today are why we are bounding ourselves, why we don’t smile when we actually want to irrespective of what time or situation is? Why we want more when we have enough to be happy? Why we choose the path which will end up every now and then? Why we are not able to hold our desires? Last but not the least why we want slavery when we know the right turn to peace and bravery?

Remember: “Don’t be a slave to desires, rather make desires a slave of you”


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