What If


What if this world gets free from all diseases, what if Racism ended and all the people are called humans, what if peace prevailed all around, what if there is only one religion that is humanity, what if all the people walk freely, free from all grieves and sorrows, what if there are standardize rules for all to follow, what if currency devalued and the only value is of human life and emotions, what if smile is the only therapy and healthy relation is the only tablet, what if pain, gain, grief and sorrows are only the words of dictionary, what if there is no need of weapon and army, what if every bit, place, space and water is in reach of everyone, what if love is the only language and freedom is the only government, what if getting a job is the easiest thing to get and achieving the dreams is the cheapest thing to do. What if quality of education is same for all and respect, honesty and professionalism are the universal subjects to be taught, what if merit is the only tool and favoritism is a word of fool.

If all that happens this very life be a blessing and this very world be a dream place to live in. All the success and prosperity of the world lies in the well-being of humanity and when humans were given their rights all the odds will be transformed to evens and the darkness will hide under the bright light of peace, justice and prosperity.    

Remember:  “Just do what you have to do and make this word “what if” comes true”



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